dianne for ward 40

Dear Supporters, Friends and Community Members:

I am now collecting signatures for the office of Democratic Committeeman in the 40th Ward.

My sincere thanks to the 3,921 40th Ward residents who voted for me and the ideal that democracy is possible in the 40th Ward. Hundreds of supporters fought for every vote right through that bitter cold Election Day. The words thank you seem to fall short, but they are all I have. Thank you.

Ward Committeemen are unpaid elected officials who play a vital role in promoting political and judicial candidates. They also designate election judges and poll watchers. They can also mentor and promote candidates to be on the ballot. The influence of a committeeman includes recommendation of replacements for local officials who step down, supporting candidates for office and encouraging active voter participation.

On a local level the Committeemen appoint and train election judges for precinct polling places and advocate for fair, transparent and accountable practices in ALL elections.

I have been a ward resident and active community member for over 32 years. As a mother, businesswoman, volunteer and CPS teacher I understand and will advocate for leadership in the 40th Ward that is inclusive, progressive and responsive to citizens’ representation in city, state and national political arenas.


Dianne Daleiden