Dianne has six main issues that form the foundation of her campaign: maintain strong and safe public schools, invest in our neighborhoods, restore public trust, fight for human rights, keep our neighborhoods safe, and create jobs and grow the economy.


Maintain Strong and Safe Public Schools

Dianne at the whiteboard in classDianne believes that strong schools make strong communities. School is where our children learn democratic principles and define their personal and community values, while gaining the skills and knowledge they need to lead a life of independence and fulfillment. As she has as an educator, mother and community activist, Dianne will continue to demand the stability and safety that only fully-funded neighborhood public schools can provide all of Chicago’s children and families.


What Dianne will do:

● Lead the charge for an elected school board that includes parents, educators and students.

● End the overuse and misuse of standardized testing.

● Partner with restorative justice community experts to curtail student suspensions and provide a safe learning environment for all.

● Demand that public schools be adequately and equitably funded.

● Require full financial disclosure by all education-related contractors, including charter schools, testing companies, janitorial, engineering and food services — everyone — and demonstrate how all public and private funds are spent.

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Invest in Our Neighborhoods

Dianne at the whiteboard in classDianne knows that when government lines the pockets of powerful and connected insiders, we lose jobs and are forced to cut services that our communities desperately need. She believes in forcing elected officials to stand up and defend how they spend public money so that it reflects our shared priorities: education, health, safety, jobs, transportation and smart economic growth.




What Dianne will do:

● Reform TIFs and enforce corporate tax collection.

● Find smart and fair revenue solutions to the current pension shortfall. Workers paid their part; government did not.

● Adopt a fair tax with higher rates for higher earners and lower rates for lower earners.

● Enact community-based participatory budgeting; let residents decide how we spend money that is in our ward’s direct control, including TIFs.

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Restore Public Trust

Dianne at the whiteboard in classDianne believes Chicagoans want an honest government, but for that to happen we must vote. In the past three Ward 40 aldermanic elections, only 28–35% of registered voters voted. We must vote for officials who fight for us and are beholden to us, not the corporate machine that City Hall has become. That is why Dianne is running for Democratic Committeeman of the 40th Ward — she knows we’re better than this.




What Dianne will do:

● Tap into residents’ expertise by establishing committees on education, safety, health, the environment, TIFs, economic development, recreation (and others) to advise her and give them an unedited voice on Ward governance.

● Expose the all-too-common practice of placing family members and friends on the city’s payroll and end mayoral appointments to vacated elected seats.

● Work tirelessly to increase voter registration and turnout. Show Ward 40 residents the power of their vote.

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Fight for Human Rights

Dianne at the 2014 Pride ParadeThroughout her life, Dianne has been a tireless defender of equality — equal protections under the law, equal pay for equal work, equal employment and housing opportunities — and has fought discrimination every step of the way. She is proud that marriage equality is a reality in Illinois, but knows that much work remains to ensure that all people are treated as equals.



What Dianne will do:

● Partner with schools and community organizations to strengthen immigrant services including smaller class sizes for English Language Learners, workers’ rights, job training, and citizenship classes.

● Fight to fully fund accessible health screenings and services for all.

● Advocate for expedited routes to citizenship, not one more deportation without due process guarantees, and fair treatment of all immigrant workers.

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Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

Dianne at the 2014 Jaimeson Fun FairDianne believes that all of us — young and old, straight and gay, female and male — should be safe in all neighborhoods. She will fight to end poverty at every turn and push the City to maintain adequate levels of firemen and police.






What Dianne will do:

● Develop deeply-rooted community policing so our officers know us, and we know them.

● Work tirelessly with local public schools to fund healthy, active and meaningful after-school programs for students and families.

● Fight poverty.

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Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

Dianne will promote Chicago-based businesses that create jobs and stability in our community. She will encourage all residents to support our local restaurants, shops, arts, public schools and city services so we see real job growth.


What Dianne will do:

● Back public programs to rebuild Chicago’s infrastructure built by Chicago-based businesses.

● Invest in education at every level to make our community safe and our city attractive to new business.

● Offer incentives to banks to lend more freely and fairly to local businesses.

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